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Educo Valmennustalo is a results-driven partner for leadership and personnel competence development. We specialise in leadership and the development of productive teams and work communities – in changing culture. We help you to make good leadership a competitive advantage.

Knowledge and research

The world’s best tools

As our customer, you have access to the world’s best tools for developing leadership, as well as productive teams and work communities, including all the coaching programmes of The Ken Blanchard Companies, a top expert in leadership training.

In addition, you have access to all the profiles of Everything DiSC®, the most advanced DiSC personality profile tool on the market, and the unique team tools of The Five Behaviors® product family, by Wiley’s workplace learning solutions and Patrick Lencioni. These are used by both ordinary teams and the management teams of the world’s largest companies.

Training the world’s best leaders


Blanchard®, the world’s top expert in leadership training, has been training the world’s best leaders for over 40 years – helping more than 150,000 people a year. Their award-winning First-time Manager training programme is based on the best-selling book The New One Minute Manager®, designed for the needs of business, while their SLII® is the most widely used leadership model in the world. Blanchard is a leadership training expert at all organisational levels, and the most popular training partner among Fortune 500 companies. The company also provides training for the personnel of medium-sized companies, public entities, educational institutions and non-governmental organisations.

We are the exclusive representative of Blanchard® in Finland, and we are in charge of Blanchard Finland.

Blanchard is at the forefront of global development in combining learning strategies, learning experiences, and technology.

Our customers are supported by Blanchard’s experts, who specialise in performance, learning design, learning experience development, impact measurement and evaluation, and learning technologies.

All the Blanchard training programmes we offer are available in a high-quality, tested online format, or in a blended format, as a mixture of in-person and online training, according to customer needs.

The best return on your development investment

It is important to us that our customers get measurable results for their investment. We have purposefully, in the long-term, improved and measured the impact of our training, coaching and development projects, and this is a work in progress. We calculate the return on your investment (ROI) in having your managers and personnel trained. In larger development projects, we are able to anticipate and establish a project’s cash-flow impact at the level of a business unit and/or organisation. This is unique in Finland.

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