Blanchard Management Essentials® online program

The Fundamental Skills for Every Manager

The ideal manager inspires employees, leads productive teams, and improves business performance. When managers struggle in their jobs, they often rely on ill-suited behaviors and instincts that can erode morale, diminish productivity, and increase turnover.

We’ve used our 40 years of experience to create a transformational leadership training program for new managers and those who need to refresh essential skills: Blanchard Management Essentials®.
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Blanchard Management Essentials® online program

Blanchard Management Essentials is built on the key concepts of the best-selling business book The New One Minute Manager®, and teaches new managers the most critical skills of management needed to set goals and achieve results. It gives managers the tools and training to develop the skills needed to build positive relationships with team members, inspire engagement, and drive productivity.

Online Program

It is a two-hour leadership solution that teaches new managers the skills they need to step confidently into their new role. The course also supports established managers and supervisors in improving essential management skills and helps emerging leaders reach their full potential.

Learning Design — Six modules (each approximately 20 minutes) that include assignments, engaging participant materials, videos, and learning activities:

Module 1 – Discover the Essentials
Module 2 – Communication Essentials
Module 3 – Goal Setting Conversations
Module 4 – Praising Conversations
Module 5 – Redirecting Conversations
Module 6 – Wrapping Up Conversations

Sustainability Tools — After the course, participants can access videos and worksheets for reinforcement for a full year through their learner portal.

Digital Assets
• Micro-activities: Organized into bite-sized pieces, ranging from 1 to 5 minutes
• Interactive Exercises: Fun, engaging activities include videos, games, stories and case studies.

Who Should Attend?


New managers


Established managers seeking to improve essential management skills


Emerging leaders

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Language: English

Place: Blanchard Exchange learning portal. You need a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection.

Price: 249 € + VAT

After ordering, you will receive detailed instructions in your email. The online program will be activated within about 1-2 business days.

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