Communication Essentials Online

The art of listening and dialoguing.

A productive workplace is one where clear and open communication is the norm. Dysfunctional workplaces are filled with misunderstandings, assumptions, and fault-finding.

Businesses plagued by poor communication cannot thrive—it produces a corrosive environment that saps resources and morale.

Communication Essentials Online teaches your employees the keys to really listening to others, asking thoughtful and open questions, staying positive, and productively sharing honest feedback in a helpful manner. Once people start doing this, morale and productivity increase, helping them reach their potential.
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Communication Essentials online

Communication Essentials Online is a crash course in the skills essential for good communication. In a power-packed 20 minutes, learners are immersed in the essentials of listening and sharing. Learners are kept engaged through microlearning activities, interactive learning and practice, and tools for success.

  • Micro-activities: Seven modules, organized into bite-sized pieces ranging from one to five minutes Interactive Exercises: Fun, engaging activities, including videos, games, stories and case studies.
  • Tools for Success: A variety of activities and tools to help learners practice and apply their new skills.

Who Is Communication Essentials For?

  • Anyone who wants to have quality conversations with others
  • A geographically dispersed workforce
  • Modern learners who prefer online delivery

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Language: English

Place: Blanchard Exchange learning portal. You need a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection.

Price: 95 € + VAT

After ordering, you will receive detailed instructions in your email. The online overview will be activated within about 1-2 business days.

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