Teaming and Collaboration online overview

Turn your teams into innovation incubators.

Work teams are the engines that power an enterprise. But most are stuck in neutral because they lack a shared purpose, have unclear goals and roles, and are slowed by ineffective leadership.

Teams that flounder cause organizations to miss opportunities and fall behind competitors. When all members work together, though, their teams become productivity powerhouses and innovation incubators.
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Teaming and Collaboration online overview

Blanchard’s Teaming and Collaboration Online teaches team members how to diagnose their team’s stage of development and act in a way that contributes to its performance. With employees spending most of their time working in teams, understanding how to make them successful is essential for your business’s future.

Online Overview

Teaming and Collaboration Online is a 35-minute module that explains how teams evolve from the orientation stage to the production stage. This enables learners to diagnose their team’s stage of development and apply the corresponding actions to help the team achieve high performance. Teaming and Collaboration Online includes microlearning activities, interactive learning, and tools for success.

  • Micro-activities: One module, 35 minutes in length, that can be completed at the learner’s convenience
  • Important Ideas: Coverage of the most essential concepts
  • Interactive Exercises: Fun and engaging activities, videos, games, stories, case studies, and online discussions
  • Tools for Success: A variety of activities and tools to help learners practice and apply their new skills


Who Is Teaming and Collaboration Online Designed For?

• Intact team members or project team members
• Leaders who want to learn a mindset and model to build high-performance teams
• A geographically dispersed workforce
• Modern learners who prefer to do everything online

More information

Language: English

Place: Blanchard Exchange learning portal. You need a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection.

Price: 149 € + VAT

After ordering, you will receive detailed instructions in your email. The online overview will be activated within about 1-2 business days.

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